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January 25, 2008

Dramatic Start for the Year 2008

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Written by: Marko Pyhajarvi
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Finally! Finally we received lots of snow here in Hel(l)sinki! It has been a strange winter. We live here in north and we had “black Christmas” and no snow in early January. It doesn’t require being Einstein to figure out that the climate is changing. I don’t like it.

Janne is going to hit the road tomorrow morning. He is heading to Flachau for skiing with his family. As Janne said, it will be mostly on-piste skiing with kids, but there might be a change to check out some backcountry trails. Janne’s trip sounds good. I have never been to Flachau and I would join him right away if it was possible. Unfortunately I am stuck with my work right now as we are almost done with my project. My quality time (read SKIING) will come later this spring.

It has been quite dramatic in the world of alpine skiing lately

Last few days have been really dramatic. Almost a week ago Scott Macartney had absolutely a staggering crash in Kitzbühel in Austria. First it looked like Scott is going to die or at least suffer serious injuries, but soon we heard he is recovering and feeling pretty good. Thank God Scott had tons of luck with that crash.

Then just few days later we heard the tragic news from United States. Billy Poole had died while filming an extreme ski movie in the backcountries. Billy Poole was one of the big names in freeskiing and is known from his super-long jumps. Billy was one of the icons in the sport and definitely a fabulous skier. Sad news. I hope we won’t hear this kind of news anymore this season, even though we know that freeskiing can contain high risks.



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by Marko Pyhajarvi


Scott Macartney Recovering

Scott Macartney, who crashed badly in Kitzbühel, is recovering fast.
by Marko Pyhajarvi


Scott Macartney’s Crash Video in Kitzbühel Downhill

Scott Macartney crashed very badly in Kitzbühel, and you can see it all in this video
by Marko Pyhajarvi


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