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February 7, 2008

Jimmy Petterson’s Skiing Around the World


Jimmy Petterson is one of the world’s most published ski journalists, with photos and stories having appeared in fifteen countries. In this book, he takes readers around the globe in a fascinating and unique journey through 47 countries and close to 200 ski areas. This 440-page, richly illustrated book is filled with exciting and interesting experiences that will inspire skiers, snowboarders, adventurers and travelers alike.

In how many countries you have skied? Two, three? May be six? Imagine yourself skiing in almost 50 countries. Would that be a one great journey? Jimmy Petterson, an American hard core ski bum, has done it. Petterson has been skiing in places you probably have never even heard of. He has naturally skied in North America, Canada and France, but also in countries like Albania, Bolivia, Croatia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Macedonia, Serbia-Montenegro and Uzbekistan. Jimmy Petterson has now turned his journey into a book. This article tells you more about Jimmy’s book, called Skiing Around the World, and provides you few interesting details of the father of all ski bums, Jimmy Petterson.

Being a skibum and skiing around the world would be awesome, right?

Some 18 years ago I dreamed of becoming a fulltime skier, a real ski bum. My dream came true six years later as I found myself in Chamonix. I had become a ski bum. I spent few years skiing whole seasons, more than 100 days a year. I lived my life 100%. Few years later I found huge motivation for studying, and I decided to focus more on studies instead of skiing. So far I had been skiing more than working, now it all turned upside down. Thinking about it now, about ten years later, I feel I did the right move. Anyhow, every now and then I feel like I would like to spend my life skiing around the world. Well, I cannot do that, it’s a fact. One of the biggest reasons is that we have little kids and skiing around the world with them would not be that easy.. Another reason is that right now I am committed to my job. I just have to work in order to make a living.

Jimmy Petterson is a different man. He is a real ski bum. Jimmy has skied the last 30 years and is still going strong. He has lived his whole life as a ski bum. Jimmy has a bachelor’s degree in history as well as master’s degree in Instruction and Curriculum. Even though Jimmy is educated, he has not spent his life as a teacher. Instead, to his father’s great disappointment, Jimmy became a fulltime skier, a real ski bum.

Just like many of my old friends from years behind, Jimmy Petterson has spent his life by searching for his ski nirvana. Jimmy has done many kind of jobs, such as ski instructor, off-piste guide, bar owner, hotelkeeper, and recently writer and photographer. By dedicating his life for skiing Jimmy Petterson has got the opportunity to travel across the world, see wonderful cultures and especially ski in places most of us could ever imagine. Even though I am happy with my hectic life today, I am somehow jealous to Jimmy Petterson. He has done a great journey. Come on! Would you like to ski in Chile, Kyrgyzstan or Antuco?

Jimmy Petterson started skiing soon after learning to walk. His Norwegian father and Austrian mother bought him skiing in the age of two. Jimmy tried working as a teacher in a high school in a ghetto in Los Angeles. “The school building was in lousy condition and in front of each toilet you could smell marihuana“, says Petterson.

Jimmy wondered if this is going to be his future. “In the parking place of the school some kids had sprayed ‘teacher’s fuck off‘. In the moment I saw it, I decided to hit the road“, Jimmy continues. “As a kid I had a dream of jumping in clouds. Skiing powder snow is probably my way to fulfill that dream“, says Petterson.

Jimmy Petterson’s book Skiing Around the World is a fabulous skiing journey. It is a great compilation of skiing in amazing places in very different cultures. The book really takes you inside the life of a real ski bum. Reading Jimmy’s book is not just reading a book of skiing. It is a journey. It is a ski trip to 47 countries and almost 200 ski areas. It is a journey I would love to do in real life.

See what the promoter of the book says about it: “Join Jimmy in Verbier, Alta, Chamonix and many of the world’s most famous ski resorts, and continue with him to find out about his secret powder stashes in various lesser-known ski areas. Allow your senses to be inundated by the sights, sounds and smells of Marrakech and the nearby Atlas Mountains. Be entertained by adventures of snowmobile skiing in Greenland. And meet the legendary father of extreme skiing, Sylvain Saudan, who nowadays takes people heliskiing in the Himalayas of Kashmir. Ski and board through the Alps, the Rockies, the Caucasus, the Andes, the Tien Shans and many other beautiful mountain ranges. Read about famous places where you’ve dreamed of skiing, and find out about many other locations where you had no idea that there was any skiing! In the end, gather your impressions from these world-ranging chapters, pack your gear, and head out to one of the fascinating destinations that gets your adrenaline flowing. This is the book that can help you realize your ski fantasies“.

See few examples of the content of Jimmy Petterson’s book, Skiing Around the World:
Skiing Albania
Skiing Iran
Skiing Uzbekistan
Skiing Kyrgyzstan



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    Nice site, Jimmy.

  2. judy wade-bell

    I would like to have my copy of “Skiing Around the World” autographed by Jimmy Patterson. How would someone achieve that? I live in Seattle…..does Jimmy ever get here? Judy

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