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April 30, 2008

DC Mountain Lab and Subaru WRX

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Written by: Janne Niini
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This video combines cool car and car action with some high class snowboarding. I don’t follow the snowboard “trends” these days too much but I can say that DC Mountain Lab is very cool concept for sure and the riding of its members very high-class.

What is even more cool is that the dude driving the car in the video is Ken Block, the founder of the DC brand itself. Talk about “living like you teach!” Seems like Ken also a) has gigantic cajones b) knows a thing or two about driving a rally car (although he is stated to drove a rally car for a relatively short time). More about his rally short but succeeded career can be found here.



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Janne Niini
I am a former (not-so-competitive) mogul-skier who nowadays enjoy many aspects of snow-gliding: alpine, telemarking and occasional snowboarding too. I have two small daughters and try to ski with them as often as possible.



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  1. Jason

    Duuuuude! I LOVE Primus!

    Nice vid!

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