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May 14, 2008

Short Skis Suck, Long Skis Truck…

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Written by: Janne Niini
long board day

Well, at least for these guys…

The Kirkwood, California, locals had a nice ending day for their season – the longboard day! The rule: 210cm or over. What a concept… I wish I could organise something similar around here. We’ve been talking about bringing our (tiny) old 200’s to the local park someday and busting some sweet old school moves like the good old twister spreads, daffies and cosacks! But trying to actually ski some real lines on 240 cm speed skis(!) and 250 cm nordic jumping skis(!!) without edges is whole another ball game for sure…

Few observations from the video:

1. I am tempted to label this “don’t try at home” stuff…as those guys are extremely good skiers. So, don’t blame me if you break your leg or (most likely) screw your knee…

2. That Vimeo thing…beats the YouTube quality for sure, doesn’t it? I like that and I am probably going to use it in the near future.

3. Gotta check some local garage sales etc. in the autumn. I am pretty sure there is some nice DH boards waiting just for me!

4. This might get me to hit the gym finally. I always tell my self I start some kind of summer training…but the thing always seems to end up just mountain biking only. Maybe this stuff motivates me – you can’t have tooth picks as legs when driving 240’s, heh.

5. At last but not at least: an old cliche but IT IS THE SKIER NOT THE SKI. After all the gear talk an speculating, seeing this kind of stuff is so refreshing. So, you guys stil having snow: get on the skis and just hit the slopes. That’s the best advice I can give to anyone (and this probably applies for biking too…right now I just want to go and ride the local trails stupid fast!)

Oh, and don’t forget to check these:

Original Trip Report from the day

“Tyrone Shoelace’s” review of the 240cm speed skis (=funny stuff!)

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Janne Niini
I am a former (not-so-competitive) mogul-skier who nowadays enjoy many aspects of snow-gliding: alpine, telemarking and occasional snowboarding too. I have two small daughters and try to ski with them as often as possible.



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