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July 17, 2008

Summer Compilation

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Written by: Janne Niini
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Time to take some time off the internet and blogging. While preparing for the holidays and free time, check these posts older from this summer:

Marko wrote an excellent article (with videos) about B.A.S.E jumping icon Jeb Corliss.

Mountain biking is clearly our number one summer activity, so we’ve made quite a lot of content relating to it lately. Some posts here I rank valuable/informative especially if you have any interest on mountain biking in Finland:

Tahko MTB Event 2008 – Finland’s biggest Endurance race/event (with cool pics I got from a fellow Finnish rider, those are worth of a look at least)

Riding Pics from Heinola, Finland – well, this post is kind of unfinished and the pics are not action ones (as I was riding solo), but IMHO the images just tell quite well about the riding / nature here…

Riding my Fully Rigid Singular Swift SS – An article I wrote to Made-to-Order Bikes site.

Our featuring writer from Greece, Andreas Cavalieros, posted some information and tips on mountain biking in Rhodos Island. One of our most informative and interesting articles for sure (again in my humble opinion).

If you like some more water sport oriented material, take a look of this post from Andreas How about windsurfing this time?

If you are planning to visit Spain you should definitely check out El Caminito Del Ray – The King’s Pathway. Pretty scary, eh?

That’s a nice ending to this post actually – as I’m off to Spain for some time. Let’s see if I get to ride a bit while there and also at least take a look at the mighty Pyrenees – a place I’ve wanted to see for a long time.

We’ll be back in the beginning of August. Hometown boy wishes you relaxing summer holidays!



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Janne Niini
I am a former (not-so-competitive) mogul-skier who nowadays enjoy many aspects of snow-gliding: alpine, telemarking and occasional snowboarding too. I have two small daughters and try to ski with them as often as possible.



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  1. Thats all a great way to enjoy sport, I have to say skiing is deffinatley the best for adrenaline.

  2. Right on, Ski Property!

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