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October 13, 2008

Pros Gone Blogging – A Few Nice Blogs by Professional Skiers and Snowboarders

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Written by: Janne Niini
Jeremy Jones, source: www.skibd.com

But it seems like a couple of other pro skiers have joined the ranks of bloggers too. And why shouldn’t they – I guess blogging is a pretty effective way to do some (quite clever) DIY-marketing…not to mention the fact that it can be fun and rewarding to the writer at the same time. Of course this all is good for the fans of the particular skier/snowboarder too. And, in general, it’s a great way to keep in touch with what’s happening in the ski world, as the blogs offer perhaps a bit more “grassroot” view into the life of a professional athlete.

Here are links to a couple such blogs I recently discovered:

  • Pro skier / B.A.S.E Jumper Erik Roner’s Blog
  • Rossignol’s Sage Cattabriga-Alosa has a blog too (Gotta say I  really dig Sage’s blog – skiing and mountain biking, great pictures and a bit “hippy” vibe…nice!)
  • Cody Townsend‘s blog. Cody is a Californian pro skier (and a kite surfer) who actually posts quite a lot on the Teton Gravity Research’s forum
  • Talking about snowboarder’s  – TJ Schneider has his own site
  • Jon’s buddy Jacob Wester has an interesting blog too
  • American Kristen Ulmer‘s blog



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Janne Niini
I am a former (not-so-competitive) mogul-skier who nowadays enjoy many aspects of snow-gliding: alpine, telemarking and occasional snowboarding too. I have two small daughters and try to ski with them as often as possible.


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  1. All of our athletes have blogs, check em out!

    (once you look at the individual athlete profile, you can link to their blogs from their)


  2. Thanks Jonny!

    We will check those blogs out soon!


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