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October 21, 2008

Ski Travel Checklist – 20 Must-Have Things For a Ski Trip

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Written by: Marko Pyhajarvi
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Just like we here, you might already be planning your next season’s ski trips. Have you written down your ski travel checklist? I mean a simple list of items you should remember to take with you when traveling to a ski resort. Let me tell you a true story..

Back in the late 90s I was conquering the Chamonix backcountry with my friend. We had been skiing all day long and were damn tired and hungry. It was already late evening when we finally entered an empty hut to prepare a delicious mountain dinner when suddenly my friend asked, “Do you have the food bag?” I replied, “No, we agreed you would take it, right?” I knew he had forgotten our food. Oh boy, were we disappointed. So we spent the night drinking hot water with sugar we found in the hut.

Prepare by writing down your ski travel checklist

It really makes sense to prepare your ski vacation well. Therefore I recommend you write a ski travel checklist in which you simply list all the items you want to take with you. I have prepared a sample ski travel checklist you can use as a basis or reference. Just mark the items in my list you want to take with you and then add other items that are important for you.

My ski travel checklist includes “MUST-HAVE” items on a normal ski trip. Please note that it doesn’t include items needed for backcountry skiing or mountaineering. For that purpose I’ll write another ski travel checklist.

This list is based on my personal experience, so you might come up with a slightly different ski travel checklist. Anyhow, I hope my list gives you some useful tips and ideas.

Please also note that my ski travel checklist doesn’t contain personal and general traveling items, such as personal hygiene items, credit cards, etc. This checklist is only related to skiing.

Ski travel checklist – 20 MUST-HAVE items for a skiing trip

  1. Skis – In case you are not going to rent ski gear remember to take your own skis.
  2. Poles – Same goes for the poles.
  3. Boots – If you travel with kids make sure the boots still fit.
  4. Helmet – As most skiers already know a helmet really is a necessary item.
  5. Hat – Sometimes you just want to take off your helmet, in which case you might want to wear a hat.
  6. Goggles – Skiing without goggles is really painful, so don’t forget them!
  7. Gloves – Make sure you have good gloves because nothing is more annoying than freezing fingertips.
  8. Jacket – You might want to wear other clothes while traveling but on the slopes a jacket is a must.
  9. Pants – Ditto.
  10. Long underwear (non-cotton fabrics) – Long underwear rocks! Long underwear helps you to stay dry.
  11. Sweater/Fleece – Long underwear is not aleays enough so you also need a sweater or a fleece.
  12. Socks – Make sure you have good sport socks because wet socks can cause your feet damage.
  13. Backpack – Every now and then there will be a situation in which you’ll need a backpack
  14. Ski bag – Some day you might want to carry nice little stuff with you so remember to take your ski bag.
  15. Sunscreen – I have burned my face so many times that all I can do is recommend you to take sunscreen with you.
  16. Lip balm – The same with lips. They can get burned.
  17. Avalanche beacon – An avalanche beacon is a safety device to avoid being killed in avalanche.
  18. Insurance – You don’t want to pay the costs if you get injured.
  19. Sunglasses – Skiing without sunglasses is really painful, so make sure you have good sunglasses
  20. You – Make sure you remember to take yourself with you. Oh, that was sooooo funny…

Have a nice ski trip!



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    Happy Ski days!!!

  2. I just happened upon this post as I was checking information about my upcoming skiing holiday. Thanks for making my travel list, now all I have to do is pack.

  3. I am just planning for my skii trip….Now only thing left is to prepare a checklist..

  4. If you are Planning a trip Think about Maybe Argentina


  5. Skiing fool

    hahaha good prepare tips

  6. A ski trip packing list is really perfect for a skiing or snowboarding vacation. We have to put together a packing list for the slopes and when we are relaxing at the end of the day.

  7. constantly i used to read smaller content which also clear their motive, and that is also happening with this post which
    I am reading now.

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