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January 10, 2009

Ski Longer and Faster With Ski-Mojo

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Written by: Marko Pyhajarvi
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Ski-Mojo revolutionizes the sport and changes the way you ski forever“, says Ski-Mojo.

Are you kinnding me? “Forever” sounds pretty heavy…

First of all Ski-Mojo fits under clothing to provide support and help skiers hold a tuck without leaving their thighs burning. Despite of the funny name, Ski-Mojo really uses springs strapped to the side of the legs to boost thigh power, according to the inventors of this thing it’ll help you ski all day long without feeling tired.

They say Ski-Mojo is equivalent of adding power steering to a car. I wonder how it would feel to ski powder while wearing Ski-Mojo?

The ski~mojo works by supporting your body-weight, reducing strain on your thighs and knees by up to 33%. Powerful springs act like shock-absorbers, improving stability and smoothing out bumps. The result is that you can ski further for less effort“, says Ski-Mojo website.

If you think you don’t have power enough to ski Vallee Blanche of Chamonix, consider purchasing Ski-Mojo. The Ski-Mojo website says that it took 11 years to innovate the product. Not really sure if this thing works but if it does then it’d be good news for those with weak knees.

I just wonder why most of these “great innovations” never become super popular. Shouldn’t they sell “automatically” if they are so life changing? just wondering…

Source [SkiMojo via Guardian]



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