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November 26, 2011

Powsurfing is My Next Addiction

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Written by: Marko Pyhajarvi
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I found this powsurfing video today, and it really got my attention. I’ve heard about powsurfing before, but honestly I’ve never seen people doing it here in northern Europe. Anyhow, I gotta be the first one, because it must be so much fun.

So, what is powsurfing? Well, it’s like surfing on snow. No, it’s not snowboarding as powdersurf board has now bindings. It’s more like a surfboard.

Guys over at Grassroots Powdersurf Company took the two things that they love to do most (skateboarding and snowboarding in fresh pow) and combined them into one.  The Powdersurf board was born.

“We build our boards with progression in mind and our shapes and style of build reflect this.  We believe that there is so much more to powsurfing than simply taking the bindings off of an old snowboard.  This is why our boards are designed from the ground up to be ridden without bindings”
, is said in Powsurf website.

Powdersurf boards are designed to be used only in powder snow.  They are not recommended for groomers or hardpack snow, which sounds pretty obvious. Just think about crashing and losing your board in a crowded slope. Not good… So, powdersurf board is clearly a backcountry tool .

They claim that you don’t need bindings to hold your feet to the board. Surfers have been riding without bindings for centuries, but why not powdersurfing with straps like big wave surfers? Riding big mountains with straps could be easier, but I guess it’s the philosophy of bindingless powdersurf boards saying “no no” to straps. Anyhow, it looks really cool.

It’s funny to see that we are actually going back in time with powdersurf board. I find certain similarities between powsurfing and “snurfing” (or riding snurfer or what ever it’s called), which was the early version of snowboard. At least both are bindingless. You think the same?

He he.. Look at these “outrageous hotdoggers” :)

Man, snowboarding has come a long way since those days…

All in all powsurfing looks really cool! These guys are soon releasing “The Powsurfing Chronicles”, an upcoming series of short films about Powdersurfing. No bindings, no handles, no ropes or gimmicks. Simply the purest mix of skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding on earth. Yeah, I’m interested!

Photo by Powsurf.com



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